Yoga With Live Music


Colony Hotel: 9:30-11am Sundays and Buddha Lounge: 5:45-7:15 Tuesdays

Namaste Everyone!

Keith and YogaFox studios also share Yoga with Live Music at National and Local Festivals and Workshops. Keith has shared this experience at Wanderlust and Keith and his partner Kelly are the founders of YogaFest in South Florida – a festival that shares Yoga and Music with everyone from all walks of life. See you at our next festival YogaFest in Ft. Lauderdale 3.28.2015.


My name is Keith Fox and I own YogaFox Studios in Delray Beach FL. I’ve been a musician all my life – playing Piano and Drums since I was a kid. I started practicing yoga in my late 20s and today I love sharing it with all my students. Music with yoga was always profound for me and yet “light” at the same time. Everyone loves music right? In yoga this form is called “Nada Yoga” – yoga of Sound. Sound has so many transformational healing qualities for so many people. Vibration is powerful.


We used to do a Sunday class at our home in Delray Beach at The Colony Hotel and only get a handful of students. We even thought of cancelling but then I had the idea to add Live Music. The first week we had around 50 and we’ve been going strong ever since. We are at the Colony Hotel in Delray Beach FL year round (rain or shine and yes, all holidays) and we get around 100 students every Sunday 9:30-11am for our locally famous “Yoga with Live Music”. The Music ties it all together for a great community experience and Music makes trying Yoga “Light” for those who never have…..everyone can enjoy the vibration that ultimately leads them to meditation in motion. We’ve had many guest musicians including Jai Uttal and The Mayapuris. Our “house” musician is Jaime Triana (formerly of HereiiHere) and he plays guitar, drums, flute, etc while serenading the class.


In the last couple of years, I love sharing Bhakti Yoga by playing the harmonium and chanting to enhance the music at the beginning and end of class – not to mention the end of the Vinyasa Flow leads to a mini Yoga Nidra “bliss” for all to close the experience. We also have added Slow Flow Yoga with Live Music to Tuesday nights at 5:45pm at our 2nd location – The Buddha Lounge. It’s a little more intimate and the class is around 40 students or so – but the energy is also amazing! Our house musician on Tuesdays is our student Richard King – we often have guests join him as well! See you on the Mat – 9:30am next Sunday or 5:45pm next Tuesday night!

Love to you all – Keith

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